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Find here the most popular Urine Separators to build your own DIY Composting Toilet
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The ideal Urine Separator Insert for you…

With one of these urine separator inserts you can easily build your own composting toilet or waterless toilet. All you need is a bucket for your solids and a canister for your urine.

In the category “accessories” you will find everything very clearly arranged.

All of the composting toilet inserts listed here are equally suitable for men and women.

You will usually decide according to color and installation situation.

The Separett Privy as:

  • Separett Privy 501 (with white toilet seat)
  • Separett Privy 500 (toilet seat in hard foam)
  • Separett Privy 400 (without toilet seat)
  • Separett Privy 400-XS (the compact one without toilet seat)
  • Separett Privy 503 (with wooden toilet seat)

are available in the colors blue and gray. As these are slightly larger (except for the Privy 400-XS) in terms of external dimensions, these urine separator inserts are usually more suitable for the construction of dry composting toilets where external dimensions are not so important.

Therefore please note the dimensions.

Compact alternative of separation toilet inserts for the construction of more compact separation toilets are the following separation inserts:

Separet Privy 400-XS

They are particularly suitable for narrow toilet spaces.

Also note the

DIY Kits
Urine canisters and other Accessories

If you are interested in a comparison of the most common separator inserts, read this blog entry:


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