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Here you can find composting toilet do-it-yourself kits and sets for the construction of your own composting toilet

In this category you will find kits and advantageous combinations for the self-construction of your composting toilet.

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  • Privy 501 urine separator
  • Extra large container
162 EUR
  • Privy 500 urine separator
  • Insulated seat for cold days
139.97 EUR
  • Privy 501 urine separator
  • Inexpensive complete set
125 EUR
  • Privy 501 urine separator
  • Popular DIY Kit
159.97 EUR 149 EUR
  • Trobolo® Urine Separator
  • in gray or white
154.70 EUR 145 EUR
  • Privy 503 urine separator
  • Wooden toilet seat (lacquered)
179.97 EUR
  • Complete Kit
  • With exhaust set
279.97 EUR
  • Extra flat Urine Separator
  • Compact containers
159 EUR
Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Complete kit with housing
  • Easy mounting
429 EUR
  • Variable with Privy 501 or Privy 503
  • Kit with canister and bucket
ab 426 EUR

Composting Toilet Sets for your DIY

I have put together some sets for you here based on the most common orders.

These are e.g. for your motor home Composting Toilet:

As well as for garden houses the somewhat larger variants with the

The DIY Sets usually consist of:

  • Urine Separator Insert
  • Solids Container with lid (bucket)
  • Urine Canister (urine tank)
  • and compostable bags for the solids tank.

Of course, you can put everything together individually as you like.

You are welcome to call me, and we will put together the right one for you. You can find my phone number at the top of the website.
Or write me a Mail: kontakt@meinetrenntoilette.de

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