Composting Toilets

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Find here the most popular composting toilets for your motor home, summer house, weekend house and tiny house
Depending on the type of toilet, this is an “all-in-one” toilet with a solid tank and urine canister (see below)

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Thus, the toilets can be roughly distinguished whether they are “all-in-one” products – (i.e. urine tank and solid tank installed in the toilet),

Like the following Composting Toilets:

  • Designer Carpenter Separation Toilet
  • Natural Head
  • Airhead
  • Trobolo LuweBloem / LeliBloem

Or as a version with a separate urine tank (i.e. this cannot be integrated into the toilet, but stands separately).

  • Separett Villa 9010
  • Separett Weekend 7010

New! The Composting Toilet for your VAN! Small, compact and easy to use:

  • TRENNTOlino

A comparison of the most common Composting Toilets can be found under this link: