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Find here urine container, solids tanks and other accessories for your composting toilet.
Accessories for building and maintaining your composting toilet.
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  • Optimal für alle TROBOLO® Treneinsätze
  • 2,5 m Länge
20 EUR
  • Kein Überschwappen mehr
  • Optimal für Trobolo Trenneinsätze
25.90 EUR

Solid container with lid, white 6l

17.90 EUR

Biodegradable bags (feces bags) 40/60 L – 10 pieces

4.90 EUR

Biodegradable bags (feces bags) 35l – 10 pieces

11.95 EUR

Biodegradable bags (feces bags) 40/60 L – 10 pieces

ab 6.40 EUR

Suitable accessories for composting toilet or dry toilet

Each dry composting toilet also comes with the appropriate accessories. Find the right ones here:

Urine tanks (urine canister)
Solids container
Compostable bags

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