Markus Becker

My Name is Markus…

…and I love traveling by caravan.


With my family, I often travel to great places where we often want to stay longer. Unfortunately, in the past, it has happened regularly that we were restricted on our travels by our normal chemical toilet. We found the solution to this problem in the composting toilet. I would like to share this with you. Therefore, I have created the project and

I am passionate about providing you with the most important information on products and applications and offering you a multi-faceted selection of options in our online shop. In this way, you will be able to decide which composting toilet is the ideal companion for you and your requirements.

As you can see, the project continues to grow continuously. To date, more than 3,000 people per week are interested in this site. 

It´s awesome that you are also interested in dry composting toilets. 

No matter where: in your caravan, your garden, on your boat, or even in your tiny house.

Spread the word about composting toilets and do some good. With every composting toilet, there is an improvement for the environment by wasting less water and avoiding smelly chemicals. Not to forget: you are also treating yourself.  No more disgusting disposals of your leftovers at special disposal stations. True to the motto: Stay longer at your favorite place!

Let us stay in contact! Write to me about your experiences, your ideas for composting toilets or product suggestions for our shop. I will also be happy to answer your questions in one of my blog articles.

I look forward to the exchange and your comments

Yours Markus